Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

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Inflatable water slides are big fun for kids and adults of all ages. They have become popular staples at birthday parties, graduations parties, school water days, company picnics, and more. Kids go CRAZY over water slides, sometimes spending all day and all night on them! They are a very refreshing way to cool off on a hot day and have hours of playtime without getting overheated.

Water slides come in all shapes and sizes now, from 18 feet tall to 27 feet tall. They come with single lanes or double lanes. Most have catch pools at the bottom ranging from a few inches of water to over 24 inches deep. Best Jump has a large selection of Inflatable Water Slides to choose from.

Besides the obvious backyard parties, inflatable water slides are great for summer camps, school water days, and even church and corporate events. We can set up a water slide any place that has a water source. We can even set up in parks where no power is available by using a generator. Be sure to see our Water Slides Page to see out full selection of inflatable water slides.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Water Slide

Always rent a water slide from a reputable company who is licensed and insured. Check out their ratings on google and Facebook and read reviews. Not every company has top-quality equipment or practices safe setup procedures. Water slides can be dangerous if not set up properly, and many companies take a lot of shortcuts that put kids at risk for injury.

Measure your yard and check the dimensions of the water slide to make sure it will fit with extra room to spare. Make sure the ground does not slope or have large holes, roots, stumps, or other obstructions. Make sure the setup area is free of any overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines. Rental companies should list the dimensions and setup requirements for each water slide on their website. If you are unsure, text pictures of the desired setup area to the owner of the company. Experienced rental operators will be able to tell you if the slide will fit.

Make sure you have a reliable water source nearby. A normal water spigot on the side of your house is sufficient. Water slides have soaker hoses and do not require a large amount of water. You will also need a power outlet within 125 feet of the rear of the slide.

Finally, if you are planning on setting up in the front yard or any location that might have underground utilities, notify the rental company so they can have the utilities marked.

Proper Setup

A proper water slide setup starts with a good, quality water slide from a reputable manufacturer. It should not have any holes, rips, mildew, foul odor, or makeshift repairs. It should look relatively new, be bright and colorful, and have safety and operating instructions posted on the inflatable. The slide should be secured with large steel tent-style stakes or multiple sandbags at each tether point. There should be ropes or straps running diagonally up to the top that are tied off to large stakes on both sides to prevent tip-overs and keep the slide from being able to rock side to side. Oversized tarps are recommended to keep the pool water cleaner and avoid a muddy mess.

Hard-Surface Setups

Water slides can be set up on driveways or concrete pads, but there are special requirements and procedures for doing this. First of all, the slide must be completely secured at all tether points using straps, stakes or sandbags. Unfortunately, many companies actually skip this step completely when setting up on concrete! If the slide has a pool that sits on the ground, padding is required to avoid tailbone injuries. Notify the rental company if you plan to set up on a driveway or other hard surface so they can be prepared and bring the supplies needed for a safe setup.

Water Slide Safety

Follow all the safety and operating procedures provided to you by the rental company or posted on the inflatable itself. Common sense goes a long way, but the rules must be followed. Inflatable water slides are a lot of fun, but parents and kids must respect the rules and follow instructions. Please read our Inflatable Safety article for more information or visit our Safety Instructions Page.

The Jolly Dolly

Best Jump Inflatables is a proud user of the Jolly Dolly, a heavy duty hand truck for inflatables like the giant water slides you see here. This is the tool we use and many other professional inflatable companies also use it.

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