Delivery Schedules

Find out when we'll be there!

Delivery & Pickup Times

Residential Deliveries

Instead of specific delivery and pickup times, we let you choose up to an 8-hour time slot during which the equipment is guaranteed to be operational (weather permitting). Delivery could happen any time prior to your start time, and pickup could happen any time after your end time, or possibly the following day. Any extra time you receive is considered "BONUS TIME", and there is no additional charge.

We also offer these options:
* No-extra charge overnight option for orders with a start time of 1pm or later.
* More than 8 hours for 10% more
* Extra days for 30% additional per day

Park Deliveries

For park setups, we can give you an approximate delivery and pickup window. Limitations and park fees apply; see our policies page or our contact page for details.

Schools, Churches, and Businesses

We can provide specific delivery and pickup times when necessary. Additional fees may apply depending on the situation and requirements. Contact us for details.

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