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Welcome to Best Jump Inflatables!

Best Jump Inflatables Rules & Policies

Delivery & Pickup Times

When you book online and select a time frame for your event, you are NOT selecting your delivery and pickup times!!! You are slecting the times during which the inflatable will be set up and operational.

The actual delivery time could could be anywhere from 7:30 a.m. to one hour before your selected start time. The actual pickup time could be anywhere from your selected end time to several hours later or even the next day. Please select your times accordingly. (This does not apply to in-park rentals).

ONE DAY RENTALS: You can select up to 8 hours for your event for the regular one-day price. We will arrive at least 1 hour before the start time and be back for pickup no earlier than the end time. NOTE: If you select more than 8 hours, the system will charge you the 2-day price.

OVERNIGHT RENTALS: For an overnight  rental for the regular one-day price, select a time frame of 1-9pm (we don't actually pickup at 9pm)... We will arrive between 7:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. for delivery, and pickup no earlier than 6:00 a.m. the next morning.

TWO DAY RENTALS: You can select up to 36 hours for your event. The inflatable will be set up set up and ready to go no later than the start time on the first day, and not picked up until the end time on the second day (or later, or possibly the next morning).

In-Park Rentals

We offer more flexible delivery and pickup times for in-park rentals. We provide insurance certificates to comply with park regulations. There is a minimum order of $165 for all park rentals. Check with the park for rules and restrictions regarding inflatables, and find out if power is available. If not, you can rent a generator from us.

Schools, Churches, and Corporate Events

We offer a 10% discount on events with 2 or more inflatables.
We can provide insurance certificates at no additional charge and assist you with selecting the best inflatables for your event, site layout, logistics, etc. Give us a call or email us to discuss your event.

Reservations & Down Payments

All reservations require a down payment. We accept all types of credit and debit cards. We will also accept a check if you do not have a credit or debit card available. The balance is due upon delivery and can be paid with cash, check, or credit card.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your reservation up to 14 days prior to event date and receive a full refund of any payments made. If you cancel less than 14 days from the event, you will forfeit your down payment unless the equipment can be rented to someone else on that date (this does not apply to bad weather cancellations).

Bad Weather Policy

We’re usually willing to deliver rain or shine, but If the chance of rain is 60% or greater, you have the option to reschedule or cancel and receive a refund of your down payment if you choose. We reserve the right to cancel the rental if there is a chance that severe weather could make unsafe conditions or damage our equipment.

Rental Contract and Liability Release

All rentals require an adult signature on a rental contract and liability release. At your request, we will e-mail you a copy of the form to review.

Negligence & Abuse

You are responsible for any theft, damage, or cleaning costs not related to ordinary use or wear and tear, which includes (but is not limited to) cutting or tearing of the vinyl or netting, damage due to overturning, overloading, exceeding rated capacities, improper use, abuse, or using non-approved items such as silly string, confetti, toys, baby oil, food & drink, candy, paint, etc. All of our equipment is commercial quality and will not be damaged by normal use.

Silly String

WARNING: Silly String causes permanent damage to inflatables. You should not have silly string at your party if you plan to have an inflatable. Even trace amounts of dry silly string on kid’s clothes can cause permanent staining. You will be responsible for any damage caused by silly string which could involve complete replacement of the inflatable!!!

Safety Rules & Operating Instructions

The inflatable must be supervised at all times by a designated operator who is responsible for the safe operation of the inflatable and enforcing the following rules:

  • Sort riders by size and weight.

  • No shoes, eyeglasses, belts, jewelry, or any sharp objects.


  • No food, drinks, candy, gum, animals, toys, trinkets, or other objects.

  • No putting baby oil, soap, or any other substances on the inflatable.

  • No putting water on dry-use inflatables.

  • No climbing on (or bouncing against) the walls, bumpers, roof, or netting.

  • No flips, diving, piling, wrestling, drop kicks, rough play, or bodily contact of any kind.

  • No running or jumping onto or off of the inflatable. No playing on the entrance step.

  • No jumping, diving, or flipping down the slide. No climbing on or running up the slide. Riders must go down feet-first in a seated position, one-at-a-time.

  • Do not slide down until the landing area is clear of other riders.

  • No riders who are under 3 years old, pregnant, physically or mentally impaired, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or have a medical condition that would prevent participation.

  • No moving or altering the inflatable, the anchoring system, or any of it’s accessories.

  • Spectators and waiting riders must stay back at least 3 feet from the inflatable.


Maximum Occupancy & Weight Limits

Unless otherwise posted on the inflatable, maximum occupancy is as follows: Bounce Houses: 10, Slides: 3, Combos: 6, Obstacle Courses: 4. The weight limit is 200 pounds per person.

Accidental Deflation

If the inflatable starts to loose air, instruct the children sit down. For slides, have the children slide down or climb down the ladder if less than half way up. Assist the children in exiting. Some inflatables have emergency exits or detachable roofs.

Periodic Checks:

It is important to walk around and check the inflatable every 30 minutes. Make sure the blower motor remains securely attached and operating properly, the blower tube is not kinked, the anchoring straps and stakes are secure, and the GFI outlet remains operational.

Bad Weather Procedures:

It is not safe to operate the inflatable when there is rain, lighting, thunder, or winds in excess 20 MPH. Remove riders and deflate the unit by unplugging the blower and opening all zippers.







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